Thermal Imaging

A2Z Inspection Services qualified level II thermographers can help isolate the source of thermal anomalies quickly and easily. Detect missing insulation, energy loss around doors, windows and framing, and hidden moisture issues from leaking pipes or roofing without costly destructive testing. In addition, thermal imaging can identify worn bearings, overheated electrical switchgear components and connections, and faulty steam traps. We perform Qualitative and Quantitative Thermal imaging to help identify problems before they create unanticipated machine outages and costly production downtime.

One early warning sign of a malfunction in electrical and mechanical systems is excess heat. While invisible to the human eye, modern day infrared cameras are used to view the area in question and reveal temperature variations.

  electric thermal scan

The presence (or absence) of heat can also be indicative of inefficiency or inadequacy. Missing insulation, leaking roofs/pipes, condensation buildup in wall or ceiling voids. These issues and more are detectable by a thermographer with the proper training and equipment. Early identification of problem areas through non-invasive thermal imaging inspection negates the need for destructive and time consuming searches to isolate the source of the issue.

  Thermal imaging scans serving Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Allentown, Easton, Stroudsburg and all of Northeastern PA

 Thermal Image showing moisture as purple areas           View with the naked eye 

  Thermal image water leak detection (purple area is moisture)     View with the naked eye

What we see with thermography is a temperature difference at the surface of the ceiling/walls. It is vital to make sure the thermographer has been properly trained and can document that training. Also, ALL "anomolies" (areas of significant temperature differences) should be confirmed with a moisture meter. Ensure your building inspector/thermographer is qualified to identify the water leak detection issues that are affecting your family, home or business. 



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