Dear Potential Commercial PCA Client

Dear Potential Client,

    Very early in my business career in commercial and residential inspections, I noticed that there are basically two types of inspection companies:  the kind that will do anything for a dollar regardless of the compromises a client may endure, and the kind that believes, you should work hard, work with integrity, show up on time, and provide a good quality product and service.

    I made the decision early on that I wanted to be in the second category.  I've made it my business creed and live by the word of...workhard, work with integrity, show up on time, and provide a good quality product and service.

    The lessons that I have learned are that the secrets to obtaining results that meet or exceed my client's expectations are actually quite simplistic:  communication, planning and execution.

    I have made these three actions my guide for every day business.  I ensure that we have complete and clear communication with our client or assigned representative.  I make sure that everone ---starting with aware of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and maintain the highest level of competence and quality which is synonmous with A2Z Inspection Services & Thermal Imaging.

    Whether you're considering inspection or thermography services for a complex mall, industrial, institutional facility, office, school, or even something less involved such as residential properties...more than any other decision you make, who you choose as your inspection or thermographer provider is, by far, the most critical decision of all.  If you choose the right company, your chances of being satisfied are extremely high.

    We have assembled such a company and look forward to serving you on your next inspection or thermal imaging needs.


Warmest Regards,

Chris Duphily



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