About Our Commercial-Building-Inspection Company

  A2Z Inspection Services is a privately held consulting firm operating out of its headquarters in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, as well as from regional satellite offices through-out the United States with our network of affiliates from the National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers.

  A2Z's senior-level service providers deliver over 20 years of multi-disciplined experience to the commercial, Industrial and institutional real estate marketplace.  A2Z has the technical expertise as well as the industry knowledge to efficiently and cost-effectively meet the needs of private and institutional investors, lenders, leasers, contractors and other real estate professionals.

  A2Z Inspection Services performs commercial building inspections (aka - Property Condition Assessments), Triple NNN lease inspections, Infrared Theremal Imaging scans and surveys to the industry standards of ASTM E-2018 and to Infraspection Institute Standards of Practice

 A2Z's thermographers are level II Certified Infrared thermographers. We perform Quantitative and qualitative infrared thermal imaging electrical scans, infrared flat roof scans, infrared thermography pv solar panel inspections, Energy loss thermal imaging scans, building envelope IR scans, Infrared steam trap inspections, Motor and bearing infrared scans, forensic infrared leak detection.

 A2Z's sole focus is providing value-added due diligence services by combining our technical expertise with real estate and finance backgrounds.  A2Z has the knowledge, perspective, capability and manpower to deploy the appropriate resources to ensure that our clients' needs are not only met, but exceeded.

 A Properly Trained thermogropher can accurately diagnose most thermal anomalies (differences in temperature) whether it's a cold draft in a particular area of the home/office,determine if water is Present in a roof/wall/foundation, Locate over heated wiring/breakers/fuses in an electrical system including contactors, relays switch gear, transformers, perform energy audit to determine where energy loss is occuring and to the extent of loss saving perspective buyers and companies money due to down time for mechanical repairs and water loss due to roof leaks. 

  Our inspectors are board certified and come from various facets of the commercial, industrial and institutional building trades and thermal imaging field. We possess the knowledge and specialized equipment required to provide an accurate assessment of all systems associated with commercial buildings.



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