Solar Panel Inspections with Infrared Thermography


How do you know if your thermographer has been properly trained to detect anomalies in your solar array? 

A2Z Inspection Services & Thermal Imaging has added a new and very important evaluation system to our repertoire of services – Infrared Thermal Imaging of Solar Panel Systems. After years of research Chris Duphily owner of A2Z Inspection Services inc. has co-written the only standard for conducting infrared inspections of installed photovoltaic systems.
Using thermal imaging cameras for solar panel evaluations offers clients several distinct advantages over contemporary evaluations.

  1. Exceptions or anomalies are clearly defined and detailed in the thermal image.
  2. Solar panels are thermally scanned during normal operation under full load.  (Most other methods require disruption of service and shut-down or disconnection of the system).
  3. Thermal Scans allow for considerably larger areas to be evaluated at once shortening the inconvenience of inspection disruption for your business operations and personnel.

 pv solar panel IR thermal imaging

Owners of solar systems have the need for failure-free operation.  A2Z Inspection Services & Thermal Imaging’s highly skilled thermographers assists in fulfilling those needs by offering the most reliable and quickest evaluation system available.  An evaluation system geared specifically for finding thermal exceptions, anomalies or defects such as:

  • Impurities
  • Gas Pockets
  • Cracks in Cells
  • Pollution
  • Humidity
  • Short Circuits

 Infrared thermal imaging of pv solar system
“When is the best time for a thermal evaluation?” 
A2Z Inspection Services & Thermal Imaging highly recommends that your preventive maintenance and quality control monitoring starts with the installation phase, followed by regular checkups.  Installation Phase Inspections of solar panels eliminates or recognizes immediately manufacturing defects of impurities, gas pockets or cracked cells.  Regular checkups help to maintain the solar panels’ operational functionality and contribute to an extended lifetime.  Solar Panel Inspections using thermal imaging has proven itself to drastically improve an owner’s return on investment.  Contact Chris at 570-371-6696 (email: to discuss your needs and discover how A2Z Inspection Services & Thermal Imaging can fulfill your needs for quality assurance of your solar panel system.



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